Monday, July 6, 2009

Configuring Updates 3 of 3 ... 0% complete

To fix this problem, try these steps:
1: Boot from Windows Vista DVD and on the Install Now screen, click Repair Your Computer.
2: Click Command Prompt.
3: Type cd C:\windows\winsxs and then press ENTER.
4: Type ren pending.xml pending.old and then press ENTER.
5: Type regedit and then press ENTER.
6: Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Now click on the File menu and then click Load Hive.
7: Locate the following folder:C:\windows\system32\config\components When you are prompted for a name, type Offline_Components.
8:In Registry Editor, locate and then delete the following registry subkey: HLKM\Offline Components\AdvancedInstallersNeedResolvingHKLM\Offline Components\PendingXmlIdentifier
9: Type exit and restart your computer.
NOTE: Even if u delete the PENDING.XML file, one can boot into the desktop.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Error: 0x80072EFD windows update in VISTA

When you try windows update in vista computer, we get error an message with an error code : 0x80072EFD . This usually happens if the windows update is trying to access the Microsoft's windows update website through a proxy. To fix the issue, follow the instructions to connect directly to the microsoft website, instead through proxy.
Open command prompt with elevated privilages.
Type "netsh winhttp reset proxy" (without quotes) and hit Enter.
Reboot the computer and try windows update.